How does it work?

After being engaged with Alaris we will help you stand up your M&A program through several “Deal Ready” sessions with Alaris personnel.
Here we will help you:

Help you create your post LOI transition & Due Diligence protocols Build your economic model Refine your mandatory points of alignment Build your compelling value proposition Create base level collateral materials Train your support team to engage with prospective Sellers
Internal Process

We then will add your firm to our internal process of matching sellers that come through our system to identify ones that should align to your unique offer. This process should result in generating significant “Deal Flow” for you to evaluate.

Once a prospective partner is identified, Alaris will shepherd the prospective partner through a series of coordinated interactions with your firm designed to ensure the cultural fit is a match. We Don’t hand off potential partners, rather we lead the entire process working with your team every step of the way.

We deliver Letters of Intent

After the firm executes their LOI, we will assist your team conduct the necessary Due Diligence, transition prep, and creation of definitive agreements.

All entirely based on success fees.

Who is a good Client for Alaris?

In general, we work with clients who possess these minimum criteria.

Benefits of working with Alaris

No exclusive commitment

You are free to source transactions on your own or with any other advisor(s).

Immediate professional M&A team

We instantly upgrade your M&A competency to the level of the national aggregators. Having led one of the most successful roll-up strategies in the country’s history, we know how to ensure success.


We know how to move prospective sellers through the M&A process efficiently and in a way that gives you a high probability of success. We are NOT merely a lead source for M&A. We fully manage the process from the first meeting with a potential partner, to the moment they sign partnership agreements.

Elimination of fixed P&L expense for M&A

While it should be obvious, since you only pay Alaris when we close transactions on your behalf you avoid the enormous cost of having a professional M&A team on your P&L.

Schedule an Introduction Call with
Alaris Acquisitions

Let’s schedule a 30 min intro call and explore a bit further and see if the Alaris advantage is right for you.