This is a BIG Decision

This must work for you, your team and your clients.

We understand the emotional and intellectual issues with contemplating selling your business. As a former RIA owner ourselves, we have acquired other wealth management businesses as well as sold our practice… so we get it!

So, what are your options to find the perfect partner/buyer?

Go it alone

It's perfectly reasonable to try and find a buyer/partner for your business yourself. Just be prepared for a slow, challenging process. We don’t encourage you to go it alone out there. M&A is an incredibly complex landscape. Economic models, deal structures, vetting the cultural fit amidst a sea of potential suitors is a daunting and time-consuming process.

But it can be done. You may kiss a lot of frogs on the way, but you can do it if this is the route you prefer.

Hire your own expert to help you

Historically other than going it alone your other option was to engage a “Seller Advisor” to be in your camp as your expert. We think that’s a much better option than going it alone, it’s just expensive.

Retainers, progress fees, success fees…it can get into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s better than going it alone but be prepared to pay for the value you receive.

The Buyer Advisor Model

We will run a similar process that we would if you hired us as your seller advisor. We will conduct thorough interviews with you to dive into your ideal outcomes, explore economic models and deal structures, vet the autonomy profile you’re comfortable with, build your valuation and then take you through our client discovery process showing you all the wonderful firms we represent and highlight the ones we think make sense given what we have learned in our ideal outcome sessions.

We build our process in three distinct phases to allow you predesigned points to either move forward or terminate the engagement. We understand this is a time-consuming venture to consider and feel like even if you don’t go all the way to partnership, you will still gain some value and we will meet a new potential partner for the future.

If we don’t have a match within our client roster, yet you have enjoyed the work we have done thus far, we can then become your seller advisor and go out into the market to try and find a match.

We lead you through the process
every step of the way…

Due Diligence, Transition Prep and Legal Document Review Discover Your Ideal Outcomes Explore our Client Options Receive your Valuation and Operations Assessment Confirm the cultural match Receive a LOI

Alaris is Neutral In the Process

Save time

When you're talking with Alaris you are talking to potentially dozens of partners/buyers at the same time. No more one by one kissing frogs.

Save your brain

You have a business to run. We understand and have developed a process specifically designed to alleviate the stress involved in going through this endeavor. With over 60 acquisitions and zero breakups, our track record is strong.

Save money

The Alaris Fee is shared equally by the buyer and the seller. The sharing of the success fee reduces the traditional expense associated with sell-side engagements while allowing Alaris to speak truth to each party as they move towards completing a partnership.

We chare no retainers, progress fees... Only a success fee when we close!

Schedule an Introduction Call with
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