Buyer Side M&A Representation

Since we work entirely on success fees, we assume the majority of the risk in standing up your M&A program. If we don’t successfully identify and close acquisition opportunities, we don’t get paid. We bare the cost of sourcing and negotiating with potential acquisition candidates on your behalf.
This is a primary reason why we are very selective in the clients we are willing to take on.
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Our Specializations
Alaris Acquisitions is your external M&A team. We represent a limited number of exceptional wealth management firms who wish to grow via acquisition. Once Engaged, we handle the entire process from identifying your ideal match, to execution of the LOI. Our process is designed to nail the cultural fit with your new partner(s) while freeing you to run your business.
We work 100% off success fees with no retainers, progress fees or direct employee costs to your P&L.
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